film: Son of Macista

I met some filmmakers–we meet so many filmmakers and journalists, here.  it’s to the point where I usually don’t talk to them anymore–I get Ming to do it.  

but these ones were extra nice.  we were at the Goddess Temple, having lunch at the pavilion, and somehow I think Emile told me he had a film I should see?  

it was about an episode that was called bipolar.  his dad helped him get better, and this beautiful film is about that.

it made me cry because I wished my dad could have loved me like that, when I needed help.  or any time. can family make the best medicine? can love help us be well?

I hope you get the chance to watch it because it’s not very long but very moving.  I could really relate to the description of paranoia–strange how terrifying gadgets can be.

also I could relate to the tension between wanting to be cared for and needing support, while at the same time needing to be recognized as an adult.  and the fact of the parent’s mortality. and wanting to make art about our mental health experiences.