These organizations have projects and ideologies that might overlap with the goals of the Las Vegas Radical Mental Health Collective. These organizations are listed as ideas for further resources on your radical mental health journey.

The Las Vegas Radical Mental Health Collective is curious about these organizations but cannot vouch for them.

Please contact us, if you would like your organization to be considered for inclusion on this list!

local to Las Vegas

Las Vegas Street Medics

Las Vegas Catholic Worker

Nevada Desert Experience

Trans Pride Las Vegas

Las Vegas Liberation

Happy Earth Market

Sin City Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

The LGBTQ Center of Southern Nevada

Fifth Sun Project

Laura-Marie’s mental health zines

Ming’s narcolepsy zines

elsewhere on Earth

Disability and Sexuality Access Network

Inside Our Minds: Pittsburgh Radical Mental Heath

Tortuga Island

Chaya Grossberg: Alternatives to Psych Meds

So Many Wings podcast

Transformative Mutual Aid Practices

Mad in America

Mad in the UK

Hearing Voices Network

Mindfreedom International

Mad Freedom

Institute for the Development of Human Arts

Artemesia Academy of Herbal Arts and Healing

Indigenous Resilience: Frontline Medics

Neighborhood Anarchist Collective

The Long Haul Infoshop

Fat Rose

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief

Bayou Action Street Health

Phoenix Urban Health Collective

No More Deaths

Fireweed Collective


artist Ravi Zupa

Interference Archive