our goals

our goals

The Las Vegas Radical Mental Health Collective goal is to bring together people with experiences of extreme states, big feelings, psychiatric diagnoses, and possibly psychiatric harm.  We are people who need support and who can offer support.  Many of us have been told there’s something wrong with us, sometimes as a way of trying to control us.  

all bodies are valid bodies

Together we share our truths, build friendship, enjoy togetherness, and compare what works and doesn’t work for us in the world.  We’re all brilliant in our own ways.  Many of us are on a journey of understanding that there’s nothing wrong with us, for having feelings and experiences marginalized by a world that centers productivity and success on capitalism’s terms.

Psychiatry works for some people, and we respect all consensual wellness choices.  For people who need something different or something additional, radical mental health is intersectional, homegrown, respectful, and caring in a human way.  Radical mental health is for multi-options, deep creativity, disability justice, and being in charge of our own bodies in a truth-based way, not handing over our power and losing our freedom.  All bodies are valid bodies.

The truth about mental health isn’t something that you can hear from doctors, drug commercials, or a clinic’s liability statement.  It’s something that can only be learned by listening to the actual crazy people ourselves.  Sharing reality together is important for healing our own hearts, and for shared collective healing, as we love one another.

what if every city had one?

We of the Las Vegas Radical Mental Health Collective have the goal of being a good example and inspiring independent collectives of happiness-building and understanding.  What if every city and town had its own radical mental health collective? Every neighborhood?

Our goal is forming pockets of truth and happiness: authentic relating with intersectional liberation that can reverberate out, healing culture.  

Radical mental health helps in all sorts of ways.  We can mitigate problems of poverty by forming community and coming together to share.  We can mitigate problems of racism, ableism, hatred of queer people, and other violence by learning emotional skills.  As we become stronger in who we are, there’s no need to harm others.  And we have more skills with how to respond when others harm us.  

Radical mental health is do-it-yourself, do-it-ourselves, in small volunteer collectives.  We of Las Vegas Radical Mental Health Collective make no money for this work and seek no fame.

Our website and written materials are open source, free for you to take and use on your own. We encourage you to peruse our files and borrow as-is or transform what fits for you.

who owns healing?

Healing doesn’t belong to mainstream medicine, and love don’t belong just to one on one relationships.  We all can care for one another.


more overview

Las Vegas Radical Mental Health Collective meets twice a month for support, community building, mutual aid, art, gardening, and transformation.

We offer friendship, understanding, and a rich openness to new ideas.  We share a dream of making a Las Vegas soteria house–an alternative to psychiatric hospitalization for people in crisis.

All who agree to our safer spaces policy are welcome.  Any person can have an extreme state or mood–any person can experience despair, grief, fear.

We’re pro-choice about medication and believe in freedom and autonomy.  We listen, care, show up, have fun, share deep discussions, and enjoy collaboration.

Radical mental health is for everyone. DIY, other-care, true love.  Come as you are.  All events are free.  Nowadays we meet online.  Hope to see you soon!

lasvegasradicalmentalhealth at gmail dot com

702-five three zero-four seven one six


There’s a soundcloud audio description of our collective, what we do, what radical mental health is, soteria houses, and benefits of meeting that you’re very welcome to listen to and share.

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