Hi, it’s me, Laura-Marie.  Today Ming and I were at the weekly peace vigil at the federal building, here in Las Vegas, and some visitors were there to join us.  A sweet lady from Fallon, Nevada had come to vigil with us with her friend who lived here long ago.

Sweet Lady wanted to know what Ming and I do, so we talked about the different groups we help run.  We do Nevada Desert Experience and Las Vegas Catholic Worker (though we are not Catholic) as well as Las Vegas Street Medics.  And we’re on the council of the Goddess Temple out at Cactus Springs.  Oh, and we do political prisoner letter writing night too.  We’re busy!

I was telling Sweet Lady how our Radical Mental Health Collective has been meeting for more than a year and we support one another and want a soteria house.  She seemed glad and enthusiastic about it.

I always think how you never know what conversation with who will set off what result!  So I talk openly about what we do and spread ideas of what we believe in hopes that I’m planting good seeds.  Or will make a nice spark.