Hey, did you know the Las Vegas Radical Mental Health Collective begins to make patches?  Yep, that would be true.


Ming is holding the first one, the prototype–he was the lucky recipient.  He wants to put it on his backpack.  Though “we don’t need no stinkin’ patches” my dad would say.

Then I sewed this one also, me being Laura-Marie.  I started unintentionally janky, then got control and less janky, and now I can be more intentional.  Now that I have some needle control, and remembered my embroidery skills from childhood.


“How much are you going to sell your patches for?” Ming asked.

I looked at him, mystified.  “Why would I sell a patch?” I asked.

Commerce is a way to get things to people, but there are a lot of other ways.  So I will just give the first few away, and make more of a plan if I keep making more.

Love to all on your journey, radical mental health or otherwise.