happy birthday, LVRMHC!

As Las Vegas Radical Mental Health Collective nears its birthday in May, I’m filled with gratefulness for all the support and care we have found. Thank you to everyone who’s attended a meeting, shared a post, made a flier, told a friend, brought someone to a meeting, brought food or drink, donated anything… I’ve seen so many radical mental health collectives flounder. It’s a hard thing to create. But we have been so fortunate. So thank you for making us fortunate. And see you next week!




Las Vegas Radical Mental Health Collective meets two or three times a month.  In this time of pandemic, we meet over zoom.  Our support meetings follow a specific format, and not talking (passing) is always an option.  All adults who agree to our safer spaces policy are welcome.  Please join us! 

We also have art workshops, and other projects are in the works.  In the past, we’ve done dance, journalling, and rock workshops.  Sometimes we partner with the Las Vegas Street Medics.

Please check our facebook page for up-to-date information or send us an email.

lasvegasradicalmenatlhealth at gmail




Las Vegas Radical Mental Health Collective was formed in May of 2017.  A good handful of us keep it going.  I’m Laura-Marie and feel proud of what we’ve done.  We want to support one another and form community.  We want meetings.  We want a soteria house.

A soteria house is an alternative to mainstream psychiatry where people are treated with dignity in a homey environment.  With chickens, a garden, massage, good food, better company.

Please support us, join us.

Radical mental health is for everyone. DIY, other-care, true love.