what I like best about radical mental health today

At every Las Vegas Radical Mental Health meeting, there’s the question of what we like best about radical mental health.  It’s one of my favorite parts of a meeting because we reflect on why we’re doing what we’re doing.  I love considering motivation.

It can be something as simple as, “I like these people,” “It’s free and there’s no paperwork,” or, “It’s a way of socializing where I pretty much know what’s going to happen.”  Or it can be something as big as, “This is the only place I feel safe telling the truth.”

What I like best about radical mental health today is about healing in a group.  I made a meme about it.  Here’s the text.

I’ve survived harm from myself, in intimate relationship, and in a group. So I need healing by myself, in intimate relationship, and in a group. I love radical mental health because it’s the only way I’ve healed in a group that feels safe.

– Laura-Marie Cumulonimbus Nopales

healing in groups

I’ve tried healing in other groups, like intentional communities, non-radical mental health support meetings, in workplaces, at music events, at learning events.  But mostly there’s money motivation and other painful relationships where power isn’t shared fairly.  Often there are “experts” and then the rest of us.

I show up vulnerable, as myself, ready to love and do justice.  But other people aren’t showing up for that, so I experience more harm.

In radical mental health, we can make mistakes and harm each other also.  But most of us are motivated by love.  We’re all the experts of our own lives.  There’s no buying or selling, or other reasons to dominate.  So we have a better chance to be intentional and do something beautifully safer.

When I let my guard down and tell the whole truth in a radical mental health space, I’m met by others who are doing the same.  It’s refreshing and helps me feel like there’s a chance at a better world, and I can live.