art workshop about Black Lives Matter and radical mental health

We had an art workshop on June 12th about radical mental health and Black Lives Matter.  It was wonderful because bright people spoke about their personal experiences with racism, protest, police violence, guilt, disability, healing, and what we can do to help the world.

Brittney led us in a warmup, which I loved.  I had paint someone left behind and made this art.


Then Brittney asked us to envision justice and make art depicting how we see justice.  I see justice as very bodily, made of love, located in the world but originating as love, mammally and warm.  So I made this depiction of justice as it seemed to me, that evening.


Here is Ming holding it also.


Hopefully you can join us for our next art workshop over zoom, or our next regular meeting.  Please let us know if you would like to lead a workshop!  We welcome ideas and feedback.  Mad love to all.